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Crystal Ball with hands over itDec  31,2021

2021 was a record-breaking year for the housing market! Prices skyrocketed, multiple offers became common place, homes sold at or over their asking price, mortgage rates hit record lows, and the pandemic turned traditional buying and selling tactics on their heads.

Will it be more of the same in 2022, or can consumers expect slightly more manageable conditions?

No one has a crystal ball and various experts predict slightly different scenarios, but the one common thread all experts can agree upon is......"Prices will continue to go up in 2022."

Business meeting with 6 peopleWhat the Experts Say 

Below is a compilation of various expert`s predictions for 2022:

Millennials Bolster the Housing Market

Inventory is Historically Low Throughout the Entire Coachella Valley!!

** Data taken from MLS deemed accurate but not guaranteed


The November CDAR report (California Desert Association of Realtors) states:



How Did Indian Ridge Fare in 2021?

Bottom Line: This increase in price is good for Sellers, but still way below the big city median prices which is good for Buyers as well. It`s a win-win for everyone!


Here`s wishing you & your family a healthy and prosperous 2022!