Proposition 19 Can Save You Money!

Prop 19 news graphicProposition 19

Understanding Prop 19 can be confusing. Below are highlights:
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Hypothetical Example

Say you owned your personal residence in San Diego for the last 30 years & your property tax value is only $300,000. If you sell your home for $1,000,000 and purchase a new home anywhere in California for the same amount or less you can transfer your entire previous taxable value to the new home (e.g. $300,000)

However if you want to upgrade to a $1.5 million home your new home`s taxable value will be $800,000. The calculation is the difference in increased value between the 2 homes ($500,000) plus the original tax value ($300,000) equals $800,000. It`s a higher proper tax value than before but its still substantially less than what the property tax valuation would have been on the new 1.5 million dollar home.

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